Foundation ‘Stichting Blaricum-Sumatra-Medan’ offers financial support to an orphanage for handicapped children in te city Medan, at the Indonesian island Sumatra.


“When you are doing good, you can take care of someone else, too”


With this idea in his mind, Pierre Pourchez started in 2000 “Stichting Blaricum-Sumatra-Medan”.


The orphanage itself, Abdi Kasih, takes care of children with a mental or physical handicap. In countries like Indonesia, people think they are cursed by God when they get a handicapped child. A lot of times these children are abandoned by their family and live on the streets.


These children are welcome at Abdi Kasih. They will get a roof over their heads, food in their tummies, education and most important: love and care.


Click HERE for beautiful pictures of the orphanage!