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At elementary school “Basisschool de Bijvanck” we teach our children a very important lesson: “When you are doing good, you can take care of someone else, too”.

Since the year 2000, ‘Basisschool de Bijvanck’ is the locomotive of the foundation. Every year the children organize events and campaigns to raise money for their peers on the other side of the world.










Stichting BSM offers financial support to Abdi Kasih, located on the Indonesian island Sumatra, close by the city of Medan. Stichting BSM en Basisschool de Bijvanck collect money every year to improve the life of the kids that live in Abdi Kasih. Specially the third graders of the school organize nice campaigns to reach this goal. They will collect empty plastic bottles to recycle for change, or do chores for their neighbours. All of the money they collect, is donated to the foundation. Funny fact: a couple of years ago the kids sold cans with fresh sambal and homemade christmas decorations at the local christmas market. All donations that come in, go straight to Indonesia.


ANBI logo

We all know that worldwide people mess with charity money. Thank God this is not the case at Stichting BSM. We are the proud owners of the ANBI logo, which means that we have proved officially that our money goes straight to our children in Indonesia.

Stichting BSM is a transparant foundation and that’s why this logo is important to us. It brings a lot of good profits: for example dat sponsors can ask back the tax money of their donation.

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The orphanage Abdi Kasih is all what we have in mind when we do what we do. Abdi Kasih started as a small hovel in the middle of nowhere: somewhere between the rice fields of Sumatra where there was no electricity. There was not even a road around. The place had a cold, concrete floor and there was poverty all over the place. Thanks to Stichting BSM and other sponsors, the place has a nice tiled floor now. Every child has it’s own bed, there is hygiene and a safe kitchen to prepare three meals a day. Also a medical room is available, and the children have toys to play with. We are proud of what we have realized until now, but there is still a long way to go.

Every help we get, big or small, is more than welcome. At this moment we are saving money for a new roof, because at some places it’s so rotten that the rain comes right through. Also we are saving money for the daily life of the children.


Donations can be done at bank account:

NL60 RABO 01684.98.839    

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