Abdi Kasih

Abdi Kasih is a orphanage for mental and/or physical handicapped (homeless) children. The children are not able to build a normal future for themselves, their development and independece are very hard to find. Most of the times these children are abandoned by their families.




A lot of the children are abandoned by their families. The orphanage is located at the Indonesian island Sumatra. In countries like Indonesia, people think they are cursed by God, being a parent of a handicapped child. They think they are being punished and are embarressed for it. Out of shame they abandon the child, who has nowhere to go but the streets., disappearing in having no name nor future.



Abdi Kasih is a place where these children receive a welcome feeling. Right now, more than 80 children are living there with about 30 adult supervisors.

They offer the children shelter, a roof over their heads. Every child has it’s own bed, a safe place. They know they belong, they know that they will be protected. They feel they are being appreciated and respected.

Another important thing Abdi Kasih offers the children, is education. In a very simple way, teachers will develop the children as much as they can. Already for some years ago, the children learned how to make their own candles. This was a big hit, they had success with making AND selling the candles.

Food and clothes are indispensable in life that cost money. We try to come up with useful and smart ideas to earn money. The children make their own candles-for-sale and grow vegetables and rice in the garden. The high school of Blaricum, ‘O.S.G. Huizermaat’, sponsored a breeding pond where the children culture fish for food.

All of the things we just described are important, but the most important thing for these children is love. They become family, something they never experienced. The children play together, they sing, dance, laugh, cry and fight; like brothers and sisters.